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The Quantum Centre Disclaimer

The information, claims, terms and descriptions contained within including any information packs introduction letter and DVD is intended for personal reference and/or educational purposes only. The sole purpose of is to put all available information in one place so you can make an informed choice and/or decision. The information material provided is not claiming the SCIO or any other device mentioned  on to diagnose, treat cure or prevent any disease and no misleading or deceptive claims, treatments, cures or medical diagnosis intended or implied to be given. The SCIO dose not diagnoses anyone. Legally only a Licensed Medical Practitioner can diagnose or cure a patient. Please consult a licensed medical professional if you have questions about your medical health . The SCIO herein is designed to contribute to assessment and evaluation when used in conjunction with other practitioner skills. Therapeutic facilities are based on subtle energetic (generally electromagnetic/ frequency) facilities and are designed to be part of an integrated health approach. No claims are made of the system or results. Any information relating to specific issues are the result of individual user’s experiences and are not published clinical studies unless otherwise stated. Any information relating to device operation refers to the basic operation of the software/ device / system but does not supply medical interpretation or medical advice. Any statement within  is not intended to indicate a medical or disease diagnosis or treatment facility. In many cases the usage and interpretation hints represent the experience of users and their opinions. These are not necessarily universal. The SCIO system is designed to be used as a Biofeedback Multimedia System. It is designed for stress detection and stress reduction. The Quantum Centre its employees or associates will not be liable to any person or individual for any claims, loss or damage whatsoever which may arise from the use or interpretation of any of the information provided.

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