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  SCIO Features & Benefits

The following table shows some of the many features and benefits of the SCIO system.
3D Patient Interface - Many devices use resistance only.
- This is like characterizing a person by height alone.
- A holographic 3D picture tells far more.
- Electromagnetic waves are 3D.
- The Quantum uses 3 dimensional measurements.
Digital Interface - No conversion inaccuracies from digital to analogue converters.
- The picture quality is like digital TV!
Practitioner Independent - No point probe.
- The practitioner cannot, either consciously or unconsciously, influence results.
Fast - 8000 items reactivity measured and scored in under 4 minutes.
Auto Focusing Therapy - The SCIO continuously monitors the results of therapy and auto adjusts.
Portable - You just need the device and a laptop.
Safe - All interactions are at normal body voltage and current ranges.
- Therapies incorporate built-in safety shutoffs set at very sensitive levels.
Diagnostic Depth - High sensitivity detects even the subtlest disturbance.
- Multi-layer facility enables dysfunction unravelling.
Naturopathic - Whole person oriented.
Whole Person Focus - Communicates on the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels.
Preset Therapy Programs - General and systematic.
Virtual Mode Option - Equivalent to "radionic" operation
Triary Logic - Most computers are binary: 1 or 0.
- Quantum software is trinary.
In House Testing - Saves time AND money

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