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  SCIO Package & Pricing

The Quantum Centre SCIO Package

Congratulations on deciding to purchase a SCIO! We know you will be pleased and we are here to give you the best support, whether you are using the SCIO for your own personal use or to develop your own quantum biofeedback practice.

The SCIO System retails for the following depending on your local registration: 

Finance Options:

  • We Accept Telegraphic Wire transfers
  • We Accept Bank cashiers cheques
  • Finance options availible on request

Here is the list of items that you will receive with your SCIO purchase:








SCIO Biofeedback Device

  SCIO Biofeedback Device

  SCIO Software Clasp 32 DVD.

  SCIO Training & Reference DVD set.

  SCIO Computer cable

 SCIO Head harness

  SCIO Wrist & Ankle straps.





Laptop Computer

  Laptop Computer

  Preloaded with SCIO software.

  Shipped directly to you.

  24/7 technical support included.

  Designed to meet all the specifications of running the SCIO software.


Certified Industry Recognized Training

  Quantum Biofeedback Level 1 - Introductory Training

  Quantum Biofeedback Level 2 - Intermediate Training

  Quantum Biofeedback Level 3 - Advanced Training

  Wellness Coaching Course

  Biofeedback 101 Home-study Course (IMUNE)

  Anatomy & Physiology Home-study Course

  Additional Biofeedback Training Support Reference Material

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