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To Purchase SCIO

  • Agree to Terms
  • Download Importation Agreement
  • Contact us to complete Transaction


1. I fully declare that I am importing the following item: 
   SCIO Biofeedback System (SCIO - USB)
2. I declare that the hardware and software are for my personal use and not for resale
3. I take and assume full import responsibilities of shipping, duties, taxes, and others
(A $20.00 USD customs fee to FedEx may apply. This is an approximate cost only and may vary pending on your place of residence).
4 . I have three (3) days after delivery to return the hardware/software. International Law fully protects my rights
5. I will receive a full warranty on all software and hardware for one year from the date of purchase
6. I understand that it may take three to four weeks for delivery

By downloading the importation agreement you agree to to the Terms above.


1. Download / Print Importation Agreement and Fill in your Details.



2. Contact The Quantum Centre For Account Details and Wire Instructions to Complete Transaction.

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