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  Personal Energy Cards

personal_nrg_card_150The Personal Energy Card

These cards have been specifically designed  in order to be imprinted by The Quantum NRG device. They cards are pre-formated by the manufacturer using a special patented method which allows The Quantum NRG Device imprint its frequencies on to the Personal Energy Cards. The Personal Energy Cards look much like your everyday credit card - with a magnetic strip on the back. The Personal Energy Cards are unique to the Quantum NRG Bio-Imprinter. Personal Energy Cards can be individually imprinted to suit  needs. The Quantum NRG Bio-Imprinter has twelve 12 Good Vibration pre-sets built into the instrument. These were found to be the most common requested.

Purchase Personal Energy Cards

For orders of 1000+ cards you may have your own personalized contact information imprinted on the back-side of the cards you order.

For all purchases and pricing please go to shop online.

Please note; Only Personal Energy Cards that have been Pre-formatted and calibrated to the Quantum NRG device by the manufacture using a special patented method will work and hold the frequencies charge for up to 12 months. Substitute cards will not work or hold the frequency imprinting as they are not calibrated and formatted using manufactures special patented method.

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