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Welcome to the official website of The Quantum Centre - Authorized  broker, for the SCIO Biofeedback Device and the Quantum NRG Card Bio Imprinter. SCIO Biofeedback is a highly detailed yet easy to use computerized system, designed for stress detection and stress reduction. At The Quantum Centre, we will help you find out as much information about this technology as possible; and, should you wish to purchase your own device package, we will help you every step of the way - from purchasing, to training, to creating a successful practice, and more. All of the information you will require to get started, is found on this website.

If you're just visiting our website for the first time and are looking for comprehensive information on the SCIO, please browse through our website and you will find detailed descriptions about what the devices are, how they work,  in addition to Therapy Facilities, Features & Benefits and Additional Functions.

Once you are ready to purchase a SCIO Device or Quantum NRG, everything you will need to get started is found in the Purchase Center. Learn why we believe you should purchase our technology as well as why The Quantum Centre is the wisest choice for you. Pricing information and our Importation Agreement is also found in the Purchasing Center.

If you're looking for documents to download, video's to view or are just curious to know what extras are available to you - visit our Multi-Media Center.

We update our website regularly with announcements, news and upcoming events, and even publish a monthly Newsletter. Visit our News & Events Center weekly to keep up-to-date with the latest. There's never a dull moment at The Quantum Centre and we like to keep it that way. We hope you continue to visit our website and, on behalf of The Quantum Centre Team, thank you for visiting  

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