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SCIO is a state of the art evoked bio-feedback system for stress detection and stress reduction.  Learn More?

The Quantum NRG

The Quantum NRG Bio Imprinter can be described as a receiver / transmitter of frequencies. The Quantum NRG is able to imprint Personal Energy Cards. Learn More?

Master Frequency Cards

Master Frequency Cards are used with their Quantum NRG Bio Imprinter to create Personal NRG Cards. The Master Frequency Cards have specific Healing Frequencies embedded in their core and will last for the entire life of the Card. There is large number of  frequencies available for varying conditions. Learn More?

Personal Energy Cards

Personal Energy Cards have been specifically designed in order to be imprinted by The Quantum NRG. The cards are pre-formatted by the manufacturer using a special patented method which allows The Quantum NRG Device imprint its frequnecies on to the Personal Energy Cards.  Learn More? 

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About The Quantum Centre

Welcome to the official website of The Quantum Centre - one of the largest and most sought after brokers of the SCIO Biofeedback Device and Quantum NRG Card System. Quantum Biofeedback is a highly detailed yet easy to use computerized system, designed for stress detection and stress reduction. All of the information you will require to get started, is found on this website...more about us?

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